a fan tried to come to his house, finished


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So much fear for the actress Jennifer Lawrence and her husband: a fan tries to, in the house of the stars to meet you

Jennifer Lawrence is a star of the most popular in Hollywood, especially among the young. His fans love to want to make this point at any price, and regardless of whether you are in breach of the law. It is what happened on the evening of the last 15. March: a girl came into the house of the protagonist X-Men and Hunger Games in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, exactly where they Cooke Maroney, gallery owner of the art of living together with her husband.

Jennifer Lawrence, Can We Afford It
Jennifer Lawrence: a fan tried to come to his house, finished

According to the report, the girl has passed any kind of safety and entered the house, after we opened the door of the apartment. Both the actress that her husband were in the house, in this moment, and then, after you are aware of the presence in the apartment, the intruder, the have frozen while they waited for the arrival of the security. Later, the girl was sent to the police. The ventitreenne a defence to say that he introduced in the house of Jennifer Lawrence with the intention of malicious, but only to you.

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