Adele announced when it will launch its next album


Without a doubt, the next disk Adele it is one of the most anticipated. A situation similar to Rihanna, whose fans already do not support do not know when it will launch its new album. The british singer sang at the wedding party of your best friend, and in the middle of the mini show, revealed the news awaited by millions of fans around the world.

Adele attended the wedding of her best friend writer Laura Dockrill with Hugo White, musician from indie rock band The Maccabees, the Saturday. The interpreter “All I Ask”, “Someone like You” and “When We Were Young”among other successes, he officiated the wedding of his friend in The Mason’s Arms in Battersea and then entertained the guests by climbing on the stage to sing several of their hits, including “Rolling In The Deep”and up songs of the Spice Girls, their favorite.

The newlyweds were in very good company because in addition to her friend also joined singers Jessie Ware and Florence Welch. At the party Adele looked splendid with a full skirt flower to the ankle, which emphasized her waist, and a turtle neck short sleeve cream color. Adele combined the look with a pair of stilettos naked, a leather bag white with details of string cream color and a plethora of rings on his hands.

But the thing that made burn the network is that in a video published by the middle English Daily Mailrecorded outside of the place, listening to Adele say “Expect my album in September” (Wait for my album in September) before guests. If, however, some fans excited at the news claim that they listened to “December”. What we hope is that it will be in this year.

The artist of 31 years has been showing and leaving everybody speechless with her amazing weight loss in the last days, which came after a diet of “green juice and 1,000 calories a day”, as revealed on the former personal trainner of the singer last month The Sun. On the whole, caused a sensation in the festival that Beyoncé organized after the ceremony of the Oscars. There, few recognized it at first sight.

Despite his physical change, which involves improvements in your health, many followers did not have positive words to her and pointed out that your current thinness is “extreme”.

The life of Adele gave a great change from that announced split from Simon Koneckiafter seven years of relationship. Asked the divorce of Simon last September -coincidentally the month in which he would win his next album – and on the 24th of October, gave a first look at his physical transformation. The british artist, who he had decided to depart from the scenarios to devote himself to his family, he returned to public life in 2019, where is the saw terrified at a Spice Girls concert with her friendsand , since then, is preparing a new album.

At the beginning of January, she was seen next to Harry Styles and James Corden enjoying their vacation on various islands in the Caribbean. And his image there as it was surprising, after down more than 45 kilos. Then, caused a great impact to the feast of the rapper Drake.

The singer, a native of the neighbourhood of Tottenham, north London, was unveiled with their debut album, “19,” in 2008, he rode to the top of the list of the most sold topics such as “Chasing Pavements” and “Hometown Glory”.

The second work, in 2011, “21” achieved even more success for the singer English, thanks to singles like “Someone Like You”, “Rolling In The Deep”, “Rumour Has It”and “Set Fire To The Rain”, among others. That album became number one in 30 countries, including the USA and the Uk. His third work was 25″, which hit the market in 2015, another great commercial success and critics, with songs like “Send My Love”, “Water Under the Bridge” and “When We Were Young”.

The speculation about the long-awaited return of Adele have been growing since the superstar will be broke. Until he said that he would be on the 8th of November, but it didn’t happen. Taking into account that Adele is making art of their failed relationships, and ends up becoming hits, the question that has flooded the networks since then is obvious: what’s next a new great album?

While we wait, let’s hear a little more of your mini concert at the wedding of her friend.

L. M