Adele could be obsessed with to lose more weight?


Some years ago we were lucky enough to meet Adele and her incredible jet voice. The singer of ‘‘Someone like you’ has never ceased to amaze us with their incredible great songs and is that the singer has not changed with regard to the way of projecting their feelings through the music. However, there has been a physical change.

Adele has lost nothing more and nothing less that 45 pounds and you that you are! because apparently the singer has been obsessed with fitness and losing pounds. The singer could be following a strict routine in the daily exercise and the intake of about 1000 calories a day, would be the main steps of your diet.

However, this is not the first time that the singer decides to lose weight. The decision came after being a mother, and it was not a matter of aesthetics but of health. The singer decided to adopt a healthier lifestyle and we were able to see an Adele thinner than usual.

Now the singer has returned to surprise us with a figure much more thin and a clear example of this is the presenter of the Polish that made a photo with the singer and that he struggled to recognize it.

Of time Adele has not commented about his physical change. However, we were able to know of the hand of a person close to the singer, the routine carries out: “in fact goes to various gyms to try different things. By the morning you meet with your personal trainer and ends up bathed in sweat, taking long walks in the open air. Walking up and down stairs throughout the day, is kept active and the truth is very much enjoying the changes that it has printed in its life, because they are bearing fruit. Your body has unveiled a radical transformation, has not stopped losing weight,” he claimed in an interview.

We like more or less the physical change of Adele we have no doubt that the singer is happy and that let us not can not be more pleased!