Adele crazy to the persecution of the paparazzi after her transformation


The transformation of Adele, you can become the most incredible accomplished by a celebrity international music. With a body weight greater than 60 kilograms, gave step a thin silhouette and a few features in his face, difficult to recognize.

But is she, is still the singer who stole the hearts of millions of fans worldwide you follow her and hope to return this year to the stage, with a new album, their fourth album.

Last Saturday, the artist held his best friend, Laura Dosckrill, married officiating the vows of the bride and groom and up to the stage to delight the guests with the interpretation of his greatest hits in a night, where all sang and laughed until past midnight.

At approximately 11.45 of the nightthe singer decided to leave the spaces in the Mason’s Arms in Battersea, in the city of london, and his departure would be waiting for the paparazzi, who wanted to shoot her outfit and any detail that leaves a record of your weight loss and new image that looks.

But the worst reaction was captured by one of these photographers, when Adele was persecuted, and his face was of horror and indignation by the stalking of the paparazzi, so he responded with an obscene gesture.

The hysteria was revealed in Adele in the face of persecution

Days earlier, on his arrival in London, from Los Angeles, the after party of the Oscars, Adele was captured by the paparazzi at Heathrow airport. The photos captured a moment in which he held a discussion for your phone.

The gesture of the artist was grotesque, as he held the conversation and was aided by one of his assistants to the lowering of the car. His anger at the siege, it is always the response of the singer, when you look at who has been captured by these “professionals” who live to chase the great artists of the show.

The revolution of Adeleit has become the story more palatable for the office of hundreds of paparazzi looking for a picture of the artist. And in his home countrythis craft is one of the best paid in the tabloid-style sensationalist, that you have been given the task of chasing the star of the song is british.

In 2019, the singer topped the list of the british richest under 30 years of age, with a fortune estimated at more than 170 billion euros, but at age 31 it no longer belongs to that list. However, his success and his fortune continue to rise as the foam to this winner of an Oscar, Grammy and many other awards in his career.

The interpreter of “Hello” was captured also in a few streets of Los Angeles, wearing a tight-fitting sports clothing.