Adele dropped more than 45 pounds with a controversial diet


The british singer-songwriter Adele it’s of no surprise to his followers. A while ago it did so with a shocking reappearance in social networks, where we saw splendid wearing a long black dress party. It happens that, in less than a year, the singer of 31 years has lost a large amount of kilos due to the requirement of a diet plan and a strict exercise routine.

In total dropped 45 kilos and it was thanks to the “diet Sitfood”, a regime based on the intake of foods containing sirtuins, proteins that delay the onset of age-associated diseases.

With this type of diet, you can only consume up to a thousand calories per day (on average, half of the who needed an adult). Nutritionists English Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten developed this technique which consists in eating foods that speed up metabolism and burn fat.

Diet Sirtfood

Is carried out in two stages: In the first, one perceives a caloric restriction important where there can be overcome a thousand calories a day. In this phase, you only consume fruits, vegetables, and a meal called SIRT. What is this about? In this case it is, for example, green tea, dark chocolate (as a minimum it should have the 85 per cent cocoa), apples, citrus fruits, turmeric, blueberries, capers, red wine, chicken.

After four days with this plan, is passed to ingest 1,500 calories. You eat the same thing and that it will be added other juices, and more chicken.

How good, or bad?

“Not only the Sirtfood, but diets in general do not serve because they do not teach habits, portions and handling of emotions. We have to understand that obesity or being overweight is not only leaving to eat, is a disease with a lot of edges that needs to be addressed, and a simple diet will not fix”, he explains to With Well-Being Daniela Natale, Graduated in Nutrition (M. N. 7424) and a specialist in obesity.

On the other hand, Agustina Murcho, also a Graduate in Nutrition (M. N. 7888) and specialist in eating disorders, says, “there is no point making diet a week with few nutrients and in the next to incorporate other”. In the body, this change can lead to developing an eating disorder. “The normal thing is to eat varied, don’t have a week to binge and the other to incorporate this diet,” she adds.

The nutritionists argue that, to lose three kilos in a few days, what actually happens is that you lose muscle massproduces a rebound of fat, regulates the hormones of satiety, increases cortisol (because this process causes stress) and end up increasing again. “It makes the appetite hormone rise, and that the satiety lower, which generates fatty tissue” remarks Murcho. In addition, he adds: “Eating a thousand calories less than bmr which is what one spends at rest. Therefore, it slows down and causes the body to have that save energy because what is given is very little.”

Likewise, Natale emphasizes the belief that dieting is the solution, and that the limitation of food produce weight loss. “The diet is restriction, bad mood, stress, hunger, and generate more anxiety.”

There are No magic tricks behind all these processes, “if any of these would have worked over time, they would not have the famous rebound effect and, therefore, we would be using to treat overweight patients”, concludes the specialist.

The ideal way to begin with a nutritional plan that will contribute to slowly decline weight is to acquire healthy habits. What? Avoid a sedentary lifestyle and move more, eat better and smart way (which I want and how much of that desire). In this way, you will lose weight healthfully and being able to hold it, without stress, over time.