Alexa Dellanos baila reggaeton en-suit bathroom within jacuzzi


The beautiful model Alexa Dellanos delighted at the pupil of his followers to share a video and several photos sporting a dimminuto swimsuit inside of a jacuzzi and dancing part of a song of reggaeton.

It currently has two million followers in your account of Instagram which continue growing because their publications are more that daring which attracts more and more internet users.

Still Alexa was a beautiful woman and talented, has not striven to conquer quickly the social networks, gaining a large audience through their photographs and videos.

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The popular model stands out for its shocking physical, we also know that it is a great businesswoman and a entrepreneur, becoming the largest pride of his mother, the cubana Myrka Dellanos, who supports you in your projects.

“GI vs. reality Slides for the true self,” wrote Alexa Dellanos in your publication.

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From two years ago that Alexa opened its account of Instagram, despite having already from 2018 with your account you have just 128 publicationsbecause apparently clears continuously photographs may not want to have so much material, we like to be renewed.

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The model is characterized by share photos quite flirty and above all daring that they are sometimes a little risqué.

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In the pictures that were shared in the same publication of the video, wearing a strapless animal print of a tiger, or being in the jacuzzi dances a part of the song “You have to Know to Lie and you Have To pretend” of Anuel AA and Ozuna dazzling with all its splendor and highlighting especially their rear.

In less than an hour that we shared the publication already has 17 thousand red hearts and a little over two hundred comments that surely are mostly compliments for the beautiful model.

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