Alexa Dellanos on cloths smaller from your bed to surprise users of Instagram


The beautiful model Alexa Dellanos, has to users of social networks with the dosing devices at up to the top and it’s all thanks to a new picture that went up to his account of Instagram official, on where it appears in sections of a juvenile showing her beautiful figure.

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The 2 million followers Alexa could not believe how good it looks, were left with the mouth open, as the daring photo showed a lot of her statuesque body.

In the image, Alexa is displayed with a paste pants and a blouse, super transparent with the one that showed his attributes, in the second picture showed the rear to not stay without pesumir your beauty which has delighted all.

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The publication has already more than 100 thousand “likes”, gathering thousands of fans that have filled your comment box where you will dedicate some words of love and emoticons, to thank them to share their photographs, as the comments reflected that Alexa leads them to paradise with their pictures.

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Your photos daring always outweigh the previous, because you want to spoil and amaze all of your followers, who can’t believe his rear is so large and looking so well in all the photos, because each time you share a photo are in love.

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Alexa is considered as a whole influencer, because it is the girls most desired of the moment and taking advantage of the attention, also opened up a Youtube channel, where he now shares his day-to-day, from a walk to a busy photo session, to continue creating content cute.

Alexa was found in the middle of scandals on several occasions by the same photos published, as it has received a number of criticisms of them for being so revealing, however, she continues to do so, since this is one of his greatest passions today.

It should be remembered that Alexa had inherited her beauty, one of the best legacies of his mother, for her 26 years of age the daughter of the journalist Myrka Dellanos has made an impact all gaining their own fan base.