Alexa Dellanos on the bed, by the coronavirus


Considered a woman extremely attractive Alexa Dellanos not wasted any opportunity to show off their curves, on this occasion he did it through his bed, where by little it will come out their attributesall this thanks to the coronavirus.

To the women they love to show off their figures of dream and Alexa is in that guild and of course, the public man is more than happy.

The model is known for wearing tight-fitting garments that despite the fact that leave little to the imagination always manages to surprise its followers.

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In the photo you can see the girl using a sheath dress color red that looks like velvet, a little corrugated from the sides, it is also quite short and takes a strapless sweetheart neckline is very pronounced which causes that some attributes fly out.

Something curious of the beautiful Alexa is your hairsince several internet users, they drew attention to how it is that had it fixed, with waves at the bottom, while you remember your hair is normally accustomed to take it straight.

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In his description he shared the following phrase:”it looks like the social distancing”.

This is all due to that probably is referring to the estrangement that necessarily must have been due to the coronavirus since the number of households by indications the government should parmanecer in their homes.

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Dellanos has only two million followers on his account Instagram in spite of this, a lot more people know as little by little he has been given the task to make themselves known and even more to know that she is the daughter of the famous conductor Myrka Dellanos.

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A few weeks ago, Alexa revealed that it has more than 5 years of being a vegan and that is one of the best habits that you have had and that makes you feel safe, happy, and like never before, which shows at a glance in addition to your exquisite figure.

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