Alexa Dellanos so beautiful that melts the snow with his big rear in Instagram


The beautiful model Alexa Dellanos, continues to be a favorite of users of social networks and it’s all thanks to that always spoiling their fans with photographs and bold, so this time until melted the snow so much beauty.

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Alexa left her millions of followers with the mouth open, as the revealing photo showed its charms in a way that raised the temperature in spite of being in a place so snowy.

In the image, Alexa is displayed with a paste pants and a blouse, super transparent with the one that showed his attributes, in the second picture showed the rear to not stay without pesumir your beauty which has delighted all.

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The publication already has over 20 thousand “likes” on the first day, gathering thousands of comments where his fans wrote messages of encouragement and emoticons to thank them to share their photographs, for the compliments showed that their temperatures were through the roof.

Lately your photos daring go surpassing the previous, because you want to surprise all of its more than 2 million followers, because they can’t believe that his rear is so large and looking so well in all the photos, because each time you share a photo are in love.

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Alexa is already one of the influencer most desired of the moment and taking advantage of the attention has created a Youtube channel, where he now shares his day-to-day, either a walk or a busy photo session, to continue creating content of the good.

Her beauty was one of the best legacies of his mother, for her 26 years of age the daughter of the journalist Myrka Dellanos has made an impact all gaining their own fan base.

Alexa was found in the middle of scandals on several occasions by the same photos published, as it has received a number of criticisms of them for being so revealing, she continues to do so, since this is one of his greatest passions today.