Alvaro Ledo pdvsa dragon field// you Said the truth? Osmariel Villalobos broke the silence about what happened in Tulum


The model and cheerleader Osmariel Villalobos, was invited to the “podcast” of Dani Di Giacomo. Took to clarify the rumors of his controversial trip to Tulum, Mexico, so many users linked with drug traffickers.

With information of The Farandi

During the conversation, the venezuelan clarified that he attended the party with his friends, but in social networks people were wrong to put your visit.

“I went to a party they do every year, that is Day Zero, in Tulumand I went with a few friends of mine from years ago that go every year to the feast (?) That work, which are chamos that they desire to life, which is good for them, because there are also people that are doing well? explained.

Alsomade it clear that it does not have any link with drug traffickers, as many wanted to see. “First, I’ve never been with narcos, I don’t even know who is a narco. I know you are the narcos of Pablo Escobar, which passed in the series, those people, I don’t have contact with those people, I’m not interested, thank you God I have never had contact with those people? he said the creole.

In the controversy of Tulumnot only was involved Villalobosalso other models venezuelan as, Aigil Gomez and Ninoska Vasquez.