Ana Barbara boasts hot dance to the beat of “My heart” What a hot body!


The mexican singer Ana Barbara delighted at the pupil of his millions of followers on Instagram by sharing a sultry video, where the famous has discovered the body that have their 49 years of age.

The interpreter of “Bandit” has followed the recommendations of the experts and has been left in your house to do the quarantine, although the artist does not lose the opportunity to do exercises from the comfort of your garden.

Through social networks, the singer was left with the mouth open to more than one, by sharing a daring video as she performed a hot dance to the beat of “My heart”, one of the issues that worked a Bronco.

In addition to achieve popularity in the music industry for his long career, he has also managed to become a celebrity of Instagram for their bold videos, for one of its recent publications have been tousled to the users.

Ana Barbara looks hot body in Instagram

And is the fans of the mexican artist, they have gone mad to see the cute outfit sports that he wore while he was a sensual dance steps; the famous combined to perfection, a tight leggings and a sweatshirt that exposed his marked abdomen.

  • “In these complicated times for all, #yomequedoencasa is a good initiative for those we can but if in addition we take care of ourselves mentally and physically, is critical and also we can do as a family, and without being boring.” He commented on the famous.

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The singer Ana Barbara will love to display their charms with clothing in a very provocative through its official account of Instagram, because of his age, wears a body enviable, even some of the girls have followed the exercise routines that share the famous.

Photo: Instagram.