Bad Bunny cause tenderness in Instagram to show off their toys of Toy Story


Bad Bunny has become the trend of social networks after sharing in his official account of Instagram a couple of videos where it shows off to all his fans the fun way to enjoy the quarantine in the company of her new friends, the toys of Toy Story.

In the previous days we have been talking of the unusual things that makes Bad Bunny in your quarantine, which range from posting photos where he appears taking a bath sun totally nude until the strange tweets that show that the singer already bored.

But everything seems to indicate that Bad Bunny has managed to find a way to entertain himself, as through his account of Instagram bragged to all her fans the incredible collection of toys that have Toy Story, which we assume is one of their favorite movies.

Bad Bunny cause tenderness in Instagram to show off their toys of Toy Story.

Bad Bunny cause tenderness in Instagram

Bad Bunny has managed to fill tenderness the social networks with two videos that have been posted in your account of Instagram which boasts the hilarious moments that have happened in the company of his girlfriend and her toys of Toy Story, those who have become his new friends.

In the first video we see Bad Bunny playing with Woody and Rex, characters from the film, but what caught the attention of their fans is that the puerto rican singer was confused at the time of play and said crocodile to a dinosaur, causing his girlfriend and his fans die of laughter.

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Later shared an Instagram TV where you recounted a little story that involved Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Rex and other characters in a fun but crazy adventure where you had to find toilet paper and that Bad Bunny titled as “Toy Story in times of coronavirus” being a success in social networks.

Photos: Instagram @badbunnypr