“Because of you, is that people still die”


Anuel AA has broken out against all those who are not respecting the quarantine. What has been done through Instagram, in the section of stories, where he has published three texts in which he emphasizes the importance of not leaving the house to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

In the messages has sharply criticized all the people who are outside of the home as “if you’re not passing anything”, they would have blamed the increase in the number of deaths and the spread of the virus.

“I look out the window and see everyone out there in Miami as if there was nothing going on… because of you is that you are still dying more and more people, and the virus continues to grow. Don’t blame more to the chinese that you are the first that are still coming out as if everything was okay and making the situation worse more,” said the puerto rican.

In addition, he has expressed that if he had no money would also be in your home to protect yours.

The cure is ourselves

“I with money or without it would be in my home as I am right now, taking care of and protecting my family, my son, my parents, all my loved ones and strangers who also have families, who do not want to die or get sick. The cure is ourselves. Do your part and take willpower and hang on,” he says.

Instagram / Anuel

To conclude this message I wanted to send to his followers, has written: “it Is so simple that who are not sick are locked up in their houses, not to ask for food outside, do not send anything outside, do not have any kind of contact with anyone or anything outside of their homes, cook yourselves in your homes and that everyone who is sick go to the hospital so that the real heroes are the doctors heal and do everything possible for that not to continue losing more life.”

Anuel AA was put into quarantine voluntarily more than a week ago along with his girl Karol G in the home they share in Miami. Since then both have been sharing some funny videos of their days at home to relieve the confinement to their fans.

However, a few days ago the ‘bebesito’ generated controversy by posting a video running on the beach during the quarantine. This output outside of your home was not well-received by his community of followers, who criticized him for not giving good example and skip the landfill.

Despite this, it seems that he is clear that the only way to stop the coronavirus is to stay in your home and from there has continued to publish content on their social networks.

In a tweet, explained that contrary to many people who are not wearing well at all the quarantine, he keeps calm because he spent several months in prison.