Big brother Vip on channel 5, outlet, Live on Rai 3


Between the TV shows tonight there is a new episode of the reality show “big brother Vip” on channel 5 with Alfonso Signorini and a special handle Live on Rai 3 emergency Coronavirus dedicated in the course of which is taken on the economic and social measures of the Italian government, and shows the hard work of doctors and nurses.

Between the movie tonight, 25. 2020 we point out, “The 7.39” on La5, “Joy” on Rai Movie, and “John gave way” to Italy.

Let’s see what is there tonight on TV through the channels of Rai, Mediaset and Sky:

Rai Uno

21:25 – night in Venice (documentary)

Alberto Angela takes the audience into an atmospheric journey through the night, between the beauty and art of Venice, a city that is timeless. The story of the main characters of Goldoni, Casanova, and landmark of the city, discover a unique place in the world.

Rai Due

21:20 – the Maltese – the novel The Commissioner (Tv series)

The replication of the first episode of the tv series “will be broadcast tonight, the Maltese – roman-Commissioner” tells the stories of Dario Maltese, a Commissioner of the police of narcotics in Rome, decides to return to Trapani, his hometown, to the wedding of a colleague who is killed, in front of his eyes.

Rai Tre

21:20 – Special direct drive: Coronavirus (program specialization)

Use of special direct drive for the line by Riccardo Iacona, who is adopted by all measures, the economic and health policy, which up to this time for the management of the emergency Coronavirus. There is also a discussion of the EU action and shown the testimonials of doctors and nurses to treat the in the first place, the victims of the virus.

Rai Movie

21:10 – Joy (biographical Film)

The film is based on the story the true story and life of Joy Mangano, played by Jennifer Lawrence, the woman, the inventor of the “Miracle Mop“the wipe is used, which allows to build and to be policy-holders of the Empire economic and business.

Network 4

21:25 – the choir program currently)

The journalist Mario Giordano leads to cope with a new episode of the programme to date and to deepen, together with the guests in connection to the hottest topics in our country.

Channel 5

21:20 – Big Brother Vip (Reality Show)

Alfonso Signorini carries out a new episode of the reality show follows, the imprisoned, the fate of the VIP in the house more spied in Germany. Between deletions, nomination and the history of the most important events of the week, you will begin to discover the names of the first finalists.


21:26 – John Wich (action movie)

John Wich is a well-known and blood-thirsty killer who leaves his world of crime and violence, to life with his beloved wife. The woman will die due to an incurable illness, and John falls into a deep depression. She soon realizes, may be observed and followed by Iosef Tarasov, a dangerous criminal, they steal the car and kill the dog, the him of his beloved wife.


21:10 – The 7.39 (drama)

The film tells the powerful attraction and passion between Sally and Carl, both of them have a love relationship, however, is that, from the moment they meet on the train during the trip, you will find that you are attracted very strongly to each other.


21:15 – Atlantis – the stories of people and worlds (program specialization)

The program of the study, led by Andrea to lead to purgatory, the in each episode tells the stories, the businesses and the lives of men, which you have written important pages in the history of the world.


21:30 – Antonino Chef Academy (Talent show)

Chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo back in the role of judge and teacher with a new episode of the show, culinary, in which 10 aspiring chefs vying for the chance to win a place in the kitchen of the restaurant Villa Crespi restaurant in Orta San Giulio, are the property of the renowned chefs of Naples.

Sky Cinema A

21:15 – Nine moons and a half (Comedy)

To bring Livia, a woman decides against motherhood, the end of a pregnancy, a surrogate mother for her sister Tina, who can not have children. This all happens without the knowledge of the companions, and so, while it is forced to simulate a pregnancy, the others need to develop various methods to hide the belly.