Brutal accident in the home during the quarantine. Lydia Lozano was scared. “I could have gone worst”


LYdia Lozano

March 25, 2020
(13:15 CET)

Lydia Lozano has been a scare of death when you receive the news. The partner is confined at home as the majority of citizens due to the state of alarm decreed almost two weeks ago. Lozano is taking all kinds of precautions not to be infected. Only leaves the house if it is strictly necessary and to wash hands constantly. Now we are all locked up at home and this could mean that we are free of other hazards, but it is not. Between four walls can also occur in accidents, as has happened to Susana Guasch.

The journalist has suffered a domestic accident that has forced him to go to an emergency room in a critical moment. “I have not broken, or a toenail in my life and just now, at home, slip silly (as all of the falls), and whoosh! Broken foot”, published in his account of Instagram to inform his fans. “What’s the worst thing? Having to go to the hospital and annoy them in these circumstances. What’s better? There was no one righteous in that moment, Clínica Cemtro, and I was attended to and enyesaron very fast.”

Luckily, the convalescence is not going to be so hard. Susana had no choice but to stay at home with the broken foot or not. Now you need to save rest due to the injury, although you will need to stay even more still. Something that neither she nor no one takes it very well.

“I have been 3 days, it seems that you make a month, but well… At this pace I hope to be ready when everything is back to normal. Do you and your confinement how are you?“, asked his followers who have provided you with all of your support with messages of encouragement in the misima publication.

Recently Susana Guasch has also been in the news for defending these days to Amancio Ortega and his altruistic gesture of donating masks. “Marching on the loading health thanks to Amancio Ortega. The of the alms. What a lesson to so much ridicule!”, published journalist Movistar+, whose message came to collect more than 5,000 ‘likes’.