BTS lifts the spirits of the ARMY and people affected by COVID-19


BTS it is the group of K-Pop’s most popular time, also to be found inside of the artists that have had to modify their plans musical by the Coronavirusbut more than anything you have shown concerned with helping them cope with the shelter or quarantine by COVID-19 of their fandom called ARMY.

Using your YouTube account the boys of BTS have released a video where they sent a message of support on the worldwide status of health, being a way to ask people and the AMRY to comply with health standards of each country to prevent the COVID-19, along with announcing their solidarity.

The message from BTS to the ARMY

Rap Monster, better known as RM is the leader of BTS and was the first to speak, saying the following:

  • “The ARMY all over the world and to anyone watching this, I salute you. We are here because the Nursing Academy of the Armed Forces of Korea, we chose to make the video below and support the fight against the COVID-19”

J-Hope continued by thanking the officers of the nursing and medical staff that has been fighting the Coronavirus, which has maintained a protective security and human life of each country; while Jin was moved to the ARMY pointing out that one of the most important things is the people that fills in the scenarios.

“We realized how precious was every moment with you”

Suga commented on the meaning of these moments of isolation in your life, because the COVID-19 has not only paralyzed international travel, but that has kept the people away from their loved ones to protect them from this disease.

  • “We are closely connected and we share both the pain and the joy. If we have the courage and the will to get through it all, I am sure that we will succeed with the power of our connection”

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The above commented Jimin, highlighting a phrase of Jungkook dedicated to all the fandom of BTS, as he wanted to remember that they are not alone in these moments of prevention and Taehyung did not forget to lift the spirits of your fans to talk about all the good that is coming in the future.

“BTS will face this challenge together with you”