Carlo Verdone: “I Would like to scritturare the President De Luca for a movie”


The President of the Campania Region, Vincenzo De Lucaconquered all. Not only Naomi Campbellbut the country man Carlo Verdone.

The actor, during the operation out of his house in Rome, in the show “Carta Bianca“conducted by the journalist Bianca Berlinguer, broadcast live last night on RaiTre, he revealed words of appreciation for the President of Campania, that he wants him for one of his next movies:

Who makes me laugh in this time? The Governor Vincenzo De Luca. The exceptional times, such as those of the greatest features of the Neapolitan tradition. I would love to have him in one of my movies. I have not often tried to imitate, with the I are skilled in dealing with cartoons, but with him, I can do it“.