CONFIRMED – Nicole Garcia and Federico Vigevani ended their relationship (+VIDEO)


After 2 years of relationship and a channel on Youtube with 1 million followers, Nicole Garcia and Federico Vigevani announced that they ended their dating.

The youtuber venezolana Nicole Garcia and the influencer uruguayan Federico Vigevani announced that they ended their relationship after 2 years with an emotional video on YouTube.

The video on where both famous dan the news was posted on its official channel of both, Fedecole, where they shared their videos as a couple to all his followers. It is worth noting, that with this channel both have 1 million subscribers.

Between laughter and tears, the venezuelan and uruguayan commented all the details of his break. “Nic and I ended up”announced Fede.

“We always had a relationship very cute, not only as a couple but also as friends. Then we are friends and we will be forever if God wants”highlighted Nicole.

Also, commented on the occasion of the rupture. “No we fight toxic or anything like that, we ended up because we wanted to like each one grab their way”explained.

They left open the possibility to get back together as a couple sometime in the future, while they clarified that will never stop being friends.

Highlighted that still love each other, since they were not ending exactly because they have stopped wanting to, but rather because of labor issues.

On Instagram, Vigevani posted a couple of photos together where you wrote a poignant message they made it clear that their relationship is one of the best things that has happened to him and that you still have strong feelings for the creole.

The “fedecolistas”as they are known to fans of the couple, had had the suspicion of rupture since the beginning of the month of Februarybecause of that the last time the couple was meeting was in January for the birthday of Nicole in the city of Miami. Then, she stayed in the united States and Federico returned to Mexico, where both were residing as a couple.

Nicole Garcia is a famous blogger and fashionista venezuelan, mostly known on YouTube for their interaction with the team Dosogas, where he met Federico Vigevani and a year later, when the team broke up, began a loving relationship.

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