Confuse Kelly Clarkson with a ‘fill seats’


Throughout his career, Kelly Clarkson has managed to win the first edition of the competition ‘American Idol’ in 2002, to convert their single debut ‘A Moment Like This’ in the best-selling of the year and pick up a host of awards, including two awards from the Academy of Country Music.

Those examinations did not prevent, however, that this Sunday you get an unexpected reminder that it’s not as famous as it might seem, at least not for the entire world, while attending precisely to the gala these past awards.

Kelly Clarkson and the incident

In the middle of the ceremony, a stranger approached her to ask you to leave free space in the stalls to believe that it was one of the people who are engaged in this type of events to do, literally, bulge, and fill the jobs of the celebrity guests as they go to the bathroom, or prepare to submit any of the prizes in the evening.

Any other celebrity would have felt mortified to be confused with one of the ‘extra’, but not her. In fact, the singer seemed like the story more fun the whole evening, worthy of being shared also with all his followers in the virtual sphere.

“The best thing that has happened to me this night has been, by far, a guy asked me that I change the seat because I thought it was one of the ‘seat fillers’ [como se denomina en inglés a los individuos reclutados para rellenar los sitios vacíos]” wrote the artist on his Twitter account, accompanying his message of the hashtag #can not always win.

If there was still any doubt, obviously Kelly -who performed twice during the ceremony – she refused politely but firmly to leave your seat.

“I was pleased that night because I said it totally serious, and I had to say no in the most polite possible”.

By Bang Showbiz @CARASmexico
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