Critical, ‘Home’: What would you Do to have the life you deserve?

Life can be very ironic. David and Àlex Pastor, directors, and screenwriters of ‘Infected’ and ‘The last days’, two tapes of science fiction about global pandemics, their debut ‘Home’ in the midst of the health crisis of the coronavirus. But this time it is a thriller, dramatic, realistic, without diseases through.

Javier Gutiérrez interprets Javier Muñoz, a publicist failed that you want to have the life of success selling their ads. However, their existence could not be more perfect. Your child suffers from bullying, at home, lack of money, your marriage is sinking and the job interviews accumulate without anyone to offer anything more than a few unpaid internships.

'Mario Casas and Javier Gutierrez in a scene from 'Home

“The life you deserve”

From here, the brothers Pastor delve into the frustration of a citizen who could be any of us. The screens with that life dream is constantly repeated in almost all the plans, reminding us, and reminding him of Javier, which has not. The protagonist urde then a plan to reach that ideal life at any price.

‘Home’ sinks its roots in the everyday lives and becomes the villain to a person of the most normal thing, played by Javier Gutierrez to get the creeps on more than one occasion. The job of management is one of the strong points of the tape, and the relationship between Javier and Thomas (Mario Casas), the nexus where what we can see. The dialogues between the two actors go through a wide range of emotions, in which Thomas and Javier serve of mirror image of each other. Both build a fight sometimes philosophical, and sometimes literal, between who I am and who I want to become. And, above all, and here arises the great dilemma of ‘Home’, what am I willing to do to become one.

The problem, perhaps, is that the tape does not dare to let go until the last consequences for this approach. As if I gave you fear losing the realistic view, the Pastor is not allowed to be broke loose in no time, not even in the denouement, which develops predictable and little bit witty, something that in the thriller is hard to forgive. This ends desmereciendo to a film that is constructed almost entirely with a view to its end. The tape uses a resource that we have already seen too many times in too many movies and it is not surprising to a spectator tanning in the genre.

'Ruth Diaz gives life to Marga, the wife of Javier, in 'Home

A thriller to a simmer

This does not mean that ‘Home’ is not enjoyable. There are several plots that are very well developed for his footage, and offers a reflection on addiction from the two sides of the coin who are the characters of Thomas and Javier. In addition, it has in its favor that the cooking tension to a very low heat and the journey is enjoyed with ease. This helps you a director of photography that bet with force by the darkness and the contrasts. Another highlight is the choice of spaces, with a housing that serves as a catalyst and target of the protagonist.

The artistic team is, without a doubt, the greatest success of the film. Javier Gutiérrez and Mario Casas engage in a duel very interesting, but Ruth Diaz (Marga) and Bruna Cusí (Lara) are also not decoration. Both give life to characters with great depth and, in a few phrases are able to make to the public. This is precisely why I am disappointed with a final that denied a power that the characters have throughout the film. At the mercy of Xavier, Lara and Marga can do little to prevent a man drive like you want to their lives.

'Javier Gutiérrez interprets with ease to a villain to walk in 'Home

Memories of ‘The author’

Another of the failures that have ‘Home’ is that he drinks a lot of ‘The author’. Both share Javier Gutierrez moving threads in the lives of other people to take advantage. And there are moments, such as the classes that gets your protagonist or the character of the teacher, which seem to be copies discolored tape of Manuel Martín Cuenca. By itself, this does not have to be negative, but the Pastor does not get to give another turn to these similarities and end up resorting to the common places that do not allow ‘Home’ to breathe by itself.

So, despite having a packaging, equipment and production more than solvent, where this new production of Netflix fault is in a script with good ideas and interesting characters but unable to hilarlos in a whole punchy and personality of their own. It is not that ‘Home’ leave a bad taste in the mouth, at all. It is a thriller well directed, with a pulse and actors powerful. But yes it gives you the feeling that here I could have spent much more.

‘Home’ premieres on Netflix march 25.

Note: 7

The best: The work of its actors.

The worst: No ends to exploit all the potential that it has.