Cuba confirms 9 new cases of coronavirus, the total rises to 57


The Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) reported on Wednesday, nine new cases of coronavirus in Cuba, bringing the total number of affected to 57.

Among the patients is a cuban citizen, 48 years of age, resident in the municipality of Mariel, provincia Artemisa. He came to the country last march 12, from Miami and went to your area of health on the 22nd day by presenting symptoms catarrhal.

He was identified as a suspected case and sent to the Hospital, “Luis Díaz Soto”, where it remains isolated with satisfactory progress up to the moment.

A cuban, of 32 years, who resides in the municipality of Consolación del Sur, Pinar del Río province. In his case came to Cuba on the 8th of march from Mexico, and day 22 was identified as a suspected case and sent to the Hospital León Cuervo Rubio. Currently is isolated and presents a satisfactory outcome.

A cuban, 55, admitted to the Institute of Tropical Medicine “Pedro Kourí”, where it was identified as a suspect after presenting symptoms catarrhal. It is a resident of the unicipio Arroyo Naranjo, province of Havana, who arrived in the Island on march 16, from Ecuador.

This patient remains isolated and evolving in a positive way, according to the information conveyed by the MINSAP.

Another affected is a cuban 78-year-old who lives in the municipality of Sancti Spíritus and that arrived in the country from Madrid. “It started with symptoms on march 20. The 21, on tour performing the family physician, was detected with symptoms and sent to the isolation center at the Hospital Faustino Pérez” explained the health authorities.

Is admitted in the hospital Manuel “Piti” Fajardo, of the province of Villa Clara, where he is isolated with satisfactory progress.

In the new report of the Government of Cuba also figure a cuban of 44 years, whose source of infection was a group of italians. This resident in the municipality of Matanzas presented symptoms on 20 march and the next day, in the follow-up from their family doctor, was diagnosed with respiratory problems and referred her to the Hospital “Mario Muñoz Monroy”. Remains isolated with satisfactory progress up to the moment.

It is also entered a French, 72 years of age, that arrived in the country on the 13th of march from the territory of gaul. He started with symptoms on day 19 and turned 20 with respiratory symptomatology to the office of the hotel Arenas Doradas. “He was identified as a suspected case and sent to the Hospital “Mario Muñoz Monroy”, where he was admitted. It is isolated with satisfactory progress up to the time”, said the MINSAP.

Another a citizen of France, who came to the Island on the 9th of march. The 38 year old female presented with symptoms on the 17th, the next day he went to the International Clinic in Cayo Coco for filing respiratory symptomatology. “It was identified as a suspected case being admitted to the institution. He moved to the Hospital “Octavio de la Concepción and Pedraja”, from the province of Camagüey. Remains isolated with satisfactory progress up to the moment detailed.

The list of new infected the closes one citizen colombian and a Croatian. The first, 51 years of age, residing permanently in the municipality of havana Arroyo Naranjo. Came to the greater Antilles, march 16, from Ecuador. Day 22 went to the IPK for presenting symptoms, catarrhal and was hospitalized. Evolves in a satisfactory way.

The citizen of Croatia, 34 years old, is admitted at the Hospital “Mario Muñoz Monroy” with satisfactory progress.

He arrived in Cuba on march 12, from Germany and started with symptoms 19. The other day he went to the International Clinic of Cienfuegos city, after having been identified by the owner of the Hostal where he was staying.

Of the 57 patients diagnosed with the disease until the time they remain admitted to 54, of which two were reported in critical condition.

Medical equipment, specialist in Intensive Therapy and a Group of Experts from the Ministry of Public Health maintains a care and constant monitoring.

The 71 years old patient, an Italian, entered the Hospital Fermín Valdés Domínguez, of Holguin, with a history of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, which was reported to be severe in previous days; is stable and with satisfactory progress. The rest of the patients present a clinical course stable.

High for 10 patients

This Tuesday received medical discharge in Sancti Spíritus 10 people who had contact with the three Italian tourists, who were the first cases of infection by the coronavirus in Cuba.

Dr. Raisa Hernández Hurtado, director of the Rehabilitation Hospital Dr. Faustino Pérez Hernández, explained that the last tests that were submitted were negative.

These patients were classified at the beginning of march as suspects and immediately taken to the precinct restroom, where were isolated.

The three Italian tourists came to Cuba in the last 9 march and were hosted in a hostel in the city of Trinidad. Were diagnosed on the 11th of march and transferred to the Institute of Tropical Medicine Pedro Kourí (IPK) of Havana. One of them died in the early hours of day 18 of the same month.

These high addition to which he received a patient of 25 years, who was admitted to the Institute Pedro Kourí (IPK) of Havana. It is a resident of Santa Clara, province of Villa Clara, which will have “daily medical supervision” and will continue to under “income home for 14 days”.

It is the first infected, who is recovering on the island and that is the husband of a bolivian citizen living in the Italian city of Milan.

The situation on the Island has gotten worse with the passing days, to the point that on Monday the leader cuban Miguel Díaz-Canel warned that “the novel coronavirus” was growing “at an exponential rate”.

Also asked to avoid the crowds, which will eliminate social and family activities, in addition to not leaving the house and order queues in the market, “so that there is less than a meter of distance between people”.

“We are in the time of entering into the peak of the virus in the country. There are that make that peak as flat as possible, because the measures are designed for that,” he said.

“Now is not the time to receive visits from friends and family. If we want to get far, at a distance, by email or by phone,” he said during a videoconference meeting with the authorities of the provinces and the special municipality Island of Youth.

The Government of Cuba announced new measures aimed at promoting the social isolation and to contain the spread of the coronavirus in the country, where we have registered 57 cases of infection. The authorities of the greater Antilles contemplate sentences of up to two years in prison for the cuban travelers that do not comply with the quarantine.