Dalú of The Academy collapses the nets with an amazing video Tik Tok


The beautiful singer Dalú, who managed to become the winner of the reality show The Academyhas followed in the footsteps of several famous in the world of showbiz and has joined Tik Tok; the young man has mad her fans with a new video.

After having participated in the program of singing, the young woman loves to share the activities you perform in your house, because now that you’ve finished the talent competition, he has dedicated his time to his family, while not neglecting their fans.

In addition to being very active on Instagram, the singer has also enjoyed making funny videos Tik Tok, because the more recent publications made on social networks, he left spellbound to the internet, because the artist exhibited her sexy side.

And is that several famous means of entertainment, have surprised users by occurrences that they do, although the young alumni of The Academy, has used social networks to show off how well you can dance.

Remember that Dalú when I was participating in The Academy, one of the big challenges we had to face was to dance on the stage, because he had a hard time performing the choreography to their performances.

Dalú love to their fans with a dance

But now that she is enjoying a well deserved break from the television, do not miss the opportunity to grab the attention of users with their hot dances through his official account of Tik Tok.

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The singer has more of 63.2 thousand followers in Tik Tok, because you enjoy sharing your day-to-day with their fans, although in one of the videos that rose to the social networks, it can be seen that enjoys doing exercise, as that his great inspiration has been Barbara de Regil.

Photo: Instagram.