Danna Paola about to show the boobs of so much emotion


Danna Paola was captured in a moment in which almost shows more, to be concentradisima in the activity you were doing. Was his companion of Elite, Georgina Amorós, who posted several pictures on Instagram of the cast during the third season of this series Netflixbut in one of them we can see Danna Paola be so committed that you even cared that he was about to show their boobs.

In the image Danna Paola appears at the side of Álvaro Rico, who plays Polo Eliteand although for sure we can not understand what it is you are doing in that image, if it is very clear that the two were very passionate in the moment, so much so that the higher attributes of Danna Paola almost out of the dressin addition Danna Paola appears with a closed fist, her eyes closed and mouth open screaming.

The funny thing is that even Danna Paola knows what it is that is happening in that image, made that clear in the comment that you made in the publication of Georgina Amorós, in which ensures that you do not know what is going on in the photo, to which her companion who plays Cayetana, told him that he was very concentrated on the paper.

“JAJAJJAA I don’t remember what I was doing there,” said Danna Paola.

The success of Danna Paola with Lucrecia

And is that the character of Lucretia has brought great rewards to Danna Paola, since he took the reins of that character, it has significantly increased its number of followers in Instagram, because today has 19 million followers on this social network.

Danna Paola said on several occasions that he almost did not interpret to Lucrecia, after that your e-mail of the audition and will go to spam, and almost lost the opportunity to live in Spain for 3 years.

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The good thing is that Danna Paola was able to show us their most fiery playing lucretia in the series of Netflix, Elite, leaving us great moments to remember and above all fun memes that have been viralizado.