Daughter of Jenni Rivera surpasses best profile Yuliett Towers with the pose from behind


The model Yuliett Towers has accustomed his fans to deleitarlos with images of a heart attack in which presumed their attributes.

To show off their curves and to thank a company that is helping to get a body of envy, Yuliett Towers published a snapshot in which he appears with a few tight leggings grey.

Profile, the so-called Kim Kardashian of mexican caught the attention of his followers by displaying his slim waist and his enormous attributes in sportswear.

Yuliett Towers not turned to the camera and you see only a part of his face because his hair covered them up while she was leaning to put out the candles of a cake.

The model stressed that he has noticed positive changes in herself thanks to the support of the corporation where he has worked to improve physically, your body.

The instant achieved thousands of Likes in a few hours and hundreds of fans left him with compliments in the comments, highlighting those that declared their love.

Despite the fact that the picture was highly praised, the daughter of Jenni Rivera soon overshadowed in networks with a few photographs, posing back to back, in a manner similar to Yuliett Towers.

Chiquis Rivera is shown happy in all your photos with the prominent curves that you have, which he inherited from his mother.

Despite the criticism towards his body, the daughter of Jenni Rivera has boasted her figure in different costumes, some very revealing.

On this occasion, Chiquis Rivera opted for a set in pink tone with white which consisted of some tight leggings with a sweater slim that let her see his waist.

With the hair tied at the top of his head and huge earrings, also a singer posed for the camera while climbing stairs.

In the description of the photos, Chiquis he added that ‘a queen converts the pain into power’, which took hundreds of applause from several of her followers who are trying to follow the legacy that began with his mother Jenni.

The male also made to wait, and filled with flattery of the comments congratulated Rivera for its spectacular curves.

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