Dayanara Torres announces that she is free of cancer after a year of struggle: “My tests came out negative”


Now yes! In the midst of the health crisis the planet by the coronavirus, Dayanara Torres has managed to get a smile to your followers with the best news: it is free of the cancer!

The model puerto rican was waiting for the results of the tests that were done after the last month we submit the ultimate treatment against skin cancer that he was diagnosed with last year. And indeed, your battle has finished and has earned the lasts disease.

The big news has been given through Instagram, where over the past few months has been sharing her struggle and each one of the sessions that you have undergone. In the social network has published a video in which you will see next to your pet and very happy by giving this statement.

“In these difficult times that we are living wanted to let them know the good news is that yesterday my exams, MRI, PET & CT scans, they came out the three negative, so I am finished with my treatment of melanoma cancer”, reported the who was Miss Universe in 1993.

The beauty of puerto rico has also had words of thanks for all his followers, who in these months have lifted the mood. “Know that the prayers come. It is important to continue praying. Let’s not lose faith and move forward, we’re going to get out of all this,” he said.

Despite the fact that these results conclude that Dayanara is free of melanoma, from now on will have to undergo the same tests every three months to check that all remains well. “The battle’s almost done. Two years will pass fast and I will go out stronger than ever”, he wrote in the description of the audiovisual.

It was in February of last year when the model shared the sad news that he suffered from skin cancer, a disease that was discovered after her fiancé at that time, Louis D Esposito, asked to do a review of the mole that was behind her knee.

During the last year, the ex Marc Anthony has received 18 sessions to combat the melanoma. A battle that in spite of being tough has fought with great fortitude and a positive attitude. And now that the tests have come out negative, you can write a new chapter in your life.