DEFENDS – Osmariel Villalobos clarifies what you do with the money charged by a greeting (+VIDEO)


Osmariel Villalobos not take the comments that began circulating on social networks regarding that she charged for waving to his followers and clarified everything.

The animator and model venezuelan Osmariel Villalobos I had commented on social networks about an app in which part as public figures who offer their greetings call Famous. According to the information generated by the same app, the creole charged an amount of $50 USD for each greeting that you ask.

Seeing this, many internet users began to comment about her on Instagram, accusing her of being a “used”while others felt that this was the way in which the celebrity “he killed his tigritos” to get money in easy way.

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Osmariel explained by their stories of Instagram that the information of the comments they were making of it came from many people that “want to”, and wanted to clarify the matter.

“What this person does not know and does not know, like many of you, is that every video that the people you hire through this app called Famous, those 50 dollars, that money will go to a foundation that is called CDC Foundation”, said the creole, and then show the web portal of the above-mentioned foundation.

In addition, wrote in his biography of Instagram for that there should be no doubt about it.

According to what explained the former beauty queen, CDC Foundation it is a foundation leader in medicine that is working in preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

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