Disney Plus is now available in seven european countries, When comes to Mexico?


Disney Plus finally available in other countries besides the united States, to be released in seven countries of Europe after overtaking its release date due to quarantines by coronavirus.

Disney Plus is now available in seven european countries, When comes to Mexico?

Disney Plus comes to Europe

As of march 23, Disney Plus it was launched in Germany, Austria, Spain, Ireland, Italy, the Uk and Switzerland; in France it will be available from the 7th of April of this year.

The decision of Walt Disney to bring forward the launch in Europe of Disney Plus due to the current quarantine is mandatory in several countries of the continent to the cause of the current pandemic of coronavirus.

The company also clarified that Disney+ will be available with a connection speed reduced of at least 25%, this with the objective not to overload the internet traffic during the health crisis, and do not affect telecommuters or students who are receiving classes online.

Subscriptions in Europe Disney+ will cost 6.99 euros per month, so as to compete with other streaming platforms such as Netflix, that have content more varied.

Disney Plus in other countries do you get to Mexico?

Currently, Disney Plus is available in countries such as the united States, Canada, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia and Puerto Rico, and seven new countries in Europe: Germany, Austria, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Disney also announced that Disney Plus will be premiered in Belgium, Portugal and the nordic countries in the following months, while fans latinos are asking for the premiere in their countries.

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Users of social networks claim that the premiere of Disney Plus in Mexico and Latin america could be earlier than expected after the accounts latinas Twitter and Instagram of the platform were activated and your profile picture up-to-date, as happened in Spain prior to its release.