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Joaquin Sabina

March 24, 2020
(13:35 CET)

The coronavirus is still taking thousands of people all over the world. Not at good times for the elderly, this virus thrives with them. 2 out of every 3 deaths exceed 70 years. Spain already has almost 40,000 cases and 2,700 deaths. The citizens are very concerned, especially for them.

Many remain in anonymity, but thanks to some persons known by the large public to discover the ravages of this disease. Last Monday, they knew the death of Lucia Bosé for a pneumonia caused by the coronavirus. One of the most loved actresses of this country says goodbye forever.

His son Miguel Bosé, who already lost his sister due to cancer, has sent a terse, but the meaning and emotional message on social networks with a photograph of her. From the doorway of her house, “blue”, with her smile and her fun and distinctive hairstyle of the same color. “Dear friends … I tell you that my mother Lucia Bosé has just died. Is already in the best sites”.

Miguel Bosé this news has been taken at his residence in Méxicor. The artist has done everything possible to move to Spain, but it has been impossible due to the situation of the entire planet. For this reason you must be postponed also the funeral of the artist. Many friends of the artist as Alaska, Mario Vaquerizo, Bibiana Fernández, Eugenia Martinez de Irujoamong other faces have been laid off of it in virtual form.

Joaquin Sabina, a friend of the singer, pays his condolences and also turns on the disease. Although many of his followers recommended that you do not leave home and take a lot of care. Less than a month ago suffered a hard blow. He fainted on stage and had to be operated of urgency due to the blow to the head he suffered.

Their families are very concerned about the health of the singer. Joaquín Sabina is a person and their state of health is very delicate, for this reason are a victim of coronavirus. You must take all precautions and under no circumstances leave the house. In addition, you must put aside any type of addiction such as for example their obsession with smoking. He himself came out of the hospital smoking a menthol. The doctors already advised him to let it go. Between his family and his followers the concern is maximum.

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