Does Danna Paola gives back to Mexico?


An interview has been leaked in Youtubewhere Danna Paola he speaks very openly about all the experiences he had in Madridin that interview, the singer noted that what he liked most was being able to walk leisurely, a thing that can’t make it in Mexico because all the recognize.

Danna Paola he emphasized that in Spain could be “she” for the first time, since, as is well known, Danna Paola it has been known in Mexico since I have use of reason, while that in Madrid nobody knew her at the beginning.

“I can’t live without Madrid, has made it a lot less now that I’m in Mexico,” said Danna Paola in the interview.

Does Danna Paola prefers Spain?

Although Danna Paola said that Madrid is one of his favorite places in the world, the singer did not fail to mention that he also loves Mexico, because of the things that most surprised being in Spain was the food, and the feast of the 16th of September, so that when he finished the filming of Elite led mariachi band and a piñata to the party.

The interpreter of Sodium also said that there are things that you don’t like the spaniards, for he said that the natives of the site smoke a lot, thing that you don’t like at all, plus they are very exaggerated to speak.

Danna Paola loves Madrid, but he knows that his life is at the moment in Mexico, because after having done three seasons of Elite has had to return to our country to continue with their musical projects. Also on instagram Danna Paola has said that she will always be “Mexican, never Inmexicana”.

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The singer today enjoys having a lot of popularity in both nations, with more than 19 million followers on his Instagram, with the mexican singer with more followers in this social network.