Does Luisito Comunica is removed from the trips around the world?


Luisito Comunica is the youtuber most popular and well known of Mexico, currently has 30.5 million subscribers on his YouTube profile, however in her latest video I explain why it stopped travel the world since many people thought he had retired permanently, but in the recording he told all his reasons, in addition to spoke of their future plans.

Luisito will NOT travel for the world in 2020

The famous influencer originally from Puebla, clarified why there are two strong reasons why you no longer want to travel so constantly, one of them is that last year he visited 22 countries and in the New Year was raised to have a quieter life during the 2020 travelling solely within the country.

“You will be traveling consumes you in interesting ways, takes a lot of stability your day-to-day. Neglect friendships and relationships,” he said.

Luisito “El Pillo” and also clarified that seeks to make content more varied for your account and not just focus on travel. In fact in his Youtube channel you can find videos documentary of prisons and to interviews in the streets to passers-by.

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Luisito afraid of the Coronavirus

The second reason Luisito Comunica will no longer travel the world is due to the Coronavirus that the young influencer is aware that it could be dangerous to enter another country, both because of the risk of contagion as by the closure of borders.

“It gives Me dread that nothing you close to the border of a country, are real stories that are happening in various places in the world”, he concluded.

Here below we leave you the video of Luisito Comunica clarifying the reasons for this difficult decision.

What will you do? Do you think that Luisito should stop doing and travel the world? What do you think about this video?