Don’t hide! Maluma was photographed with his new girlfriend


march 12, 2020 11:23 AM

The colombian singer already left back to his ex, Natalia Barulich, and it showed with her new partner in Europe.

Maluma it is one of
the most important artists of the world. It is for this reason that in these first three
months of the year he traveled around the planet and today it is in Greece where
I was going to give a recital ended up suspended as a precautionary measure before
the expansion of the Coronavirus in Europe.

In this country the singer was photographed with his new girlfriend, the Russian model Vivian Rubin. The singer is not hiding himself from the cameras that showed in the Acropolis, along with its new partner, with whom I had already been observed in Aspen during the month of January, when the singer went skiing with his family.

In this way, cut off with the rumors that tied it again with Natalia Barulich, your ex of the who separated in October last year. Is that during February, both were in the United Arab Emirates and raised the controversy, but both are still estranged.

While you enjoy with your partner, Maluma suspended its concerts in the european country, and lamented by
this situation.” Greetings from Greece. I’m a little sad because the
concerts that we were going to be here in Greece we are going to postpone”, he began

“Soon we will give them
a new date, I had every intention of making them but unfortunately by
the situation of the coronavirus we’re going to have to postpone,” he confessed . “With my
team work we made this decision for their well-being, the whole team
and of all the people who are going to be here”, closed Maluma.