Don’t learn! Yuliett Torres cut in excess, but your shorts!


There are don’t learn the lesson many times you will repeat the same mantra and Yuliett Towers is one of them. The mexican suffers so cute with the outfit that looks daily, that’s why tune clothing and back to his style, though sometimes they pass with the scissors…

With that that fitness he has given you the figure that you have always dreamed of has been arranged the right to wear what they want and how they want, are you will have forgotten that had closed some of their social networks, for that reason, or returns to challenge the censorship?

Note that Yuliett does not provide this type of problems – or if it makes little matter to you – because has returned to the old waysit can not be denied.

You have to admit, the lower part of your back is the area in which the greatest part of the exercise and the more developed it is, then… why not wear it as she prefers?

Cropped jeans, manufactures some shorts ‘made in Yuliet’ and is the ground for a photo. Profile and in the companydoes anyone realized that does not appear alone in the picture?

Or wearing a mini shorts, or give a little more lenght to the legnone of this comes within the form of clothing of the athlete, and to tell you the truth both of us have become accustomed to seeing it that the strange thing would be not to do it this way!

The problem, though she does not want to believe it, it is the investment and uncontrolled jeans that happen to be shorts and the sizes you chose at the time of purchase. You may be able to afford to use them and throw them to re-buy.

It is clear that Yuliett does not learn, nor want to have to do it.