Eva González has a new partner (and is not Cayetano Rivera)


Eva Gonzalez The Voice

March 25, 2020
(11:03 CET)

What will be the future of television in the next few months? The coronavirus has made the programming and the plans also are affected. It is very likely, as the schools, the course to the television to finish ahead of schedule. All recordings and meetings and new formats are paralyzed. Even so chains, worried, put already the look in the future. September will be a month of frantic because most of the activity ceased during these weeks you can enjoy after the summer.

Antena 3 takes plans and among them is Roberto Leal. The group of San Sebastian of the Kings would have offered the conduct of two programs. Yotele has been the first portal to offer the juicy news and subsequently FormulaTV has confirmed. The legendary presenter of TVE would this Eva González. The seville was the major signing of last season. The presenter is the image of The Voice. After recording his last edition of MasterChef is dismissed for ever from the chain public. Now your companion would follow the same strategy.

Atresmedia want Roberto Leal is the new face of Pasapalabra after acquiring the rights to the format and “steal it” to Telecinco, although in a first moment it is proposed to Christian Gálvez. This would not be the only project. Also would the head of a new format, The challenge, where Tamara Falcó was going to be one of the members of the jury, but this project has been paused by the coronavirus.

Roberto Leal in OT 2020

By the time the andalusian has not given a response to Atresmedia. Received this offer in early march and is located sopesándola. If it finally ends up recruiting by Antenna 3, these have come to an agreement to end their commitment with the talent show of TVE which has been in limbo with the arrival of the coronavirus. Therefore, Roberto Leal will remain the presenter of the last galas of OT 2020.

Atresmedia is willing to be with all the presenters of the public broadcaster. However is not as happy with all. The audiences of The Voice have not been expected and Eva González has taken a lot of criticism. What if Antenna 3 decide which Roberto Leal was the host of the talent show for singers?