Eva Mendes puts cuban music to their children to reassure them during the quarantine


The famous american actress Eva Mendes it is one of the celebrities that have not lost contact with the social networks and that more encouragement has been giving his followers for the tough stage that lives in the united States for the spread of the coronavirus.

So, the artist has been sharing with his fans some of his ideas to keep their children, fruits of her marriage with the american actor Ryan Gosling, entertained, during the quarantine and one of them has drawn a lot of attention since brings out your love for the culture of Cuba, the land of their fathers.

It turns out that Eva Mendes has been reassuring to their children, nothing more and nothing less than music old cuban. So proves a video that you have posted on your profile of Instagram in that you can see a record player while playing the vinyl of the album I am not a liar (1979) singer, composer, and bandleader of cuban Ramon Quian Sardiñas, better known as Monguito.

What is most curious is that in the audiovisual can be seen in the background the sound of a piano that does not come precisely from the topic, but your little girl of three years who is playing with his instrument to keep the beat. Without place, there is no denying that the small leads in the blood the rhythm and the caribbean flavor.

“Trying to keep things light at home with my two little ones. Nothing like some cuban music old to do the trick. And yes, that is my three years old daughter on the piano. I think that she thinks that the music is coming from her. And I’m not going to correct it”, said Eva Mendes along to the video.

As expected, the publication of the star has awakened the pride of his legion of followers, latinos, and many have been quick to applaud him, which will instill to their children their cuban roots and keep alive his family’s legacy. Even, several have recognized the talent of the girl child by trying to follow the piece with its piano and have ensured that he has a soul of an artist.

“What viva Cuba”, “How proud we are of you Eva, I am glad that you educate them to your children as well and will put cuban music”, “I Go to pace is small, there you have an artist”, “What a beautiful, sure to be a musician”, “I love cuban music Eva, it is very contagious, bravo for you,” or “What pride of cuban woman we have in Hollywood.”

Several have been the times in which the artist, the daughter of cuban immigrants, has such a feeling cuban and proud of their roots. On one occasion he said he felt “entirely cuban and entirely american”.

It has also been recognized and grateful publicly the effort they made to their parents, especially his mother, Eva Perez Suarezfor having come forward in the united States and have given her an education despite the difficulties they had to face.