Gorillaz: Murdoc sends quirky and hopeful message to fans by coronavirus


Murdoc Niccals, “leader” undisputed Gorillaz sent a very peculiar, but funny and hopeful message of encouragement for their fans in light of the current pandemic coronavirus.

Gorillaz: Murdoc sends quirky and hopeful message to fans by coronavirus

The Instagram Gorillaz

Through a publication in the official account of Instagramof Gorillaz, Murdoc Niccals asked to the fans of pooling british the be responsible to comply with the quarantine and other measures to reduce and prevent contagion, by coronavirus.

“This is my voice serious. Well, I know who I’m dressed as Winston Churchill […] because these are serious matters. And I don’t mean just stay out of film or having to do yoga in line with your mother. In the coming days and weeks we will face many challenges […] Do not mark or we will fail. We will go until the end”.

The publication sported the more than two million followers on Instagram Gorillaz, by the tone something picturesque of publication, but appreciated the concern and words of encouragement from the virtual leader of the band.

Murdoc asked to respect the quarantine

So something comical, Murdoc Niccals reminded the followers of Gorillaz the importance of respecting quarantines and social distancing, and as that is the best way in which it can be fought the coronavirus.

“We will fight on our sofas. We will fight in our back garden. Fight watching all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls. We will fight, playing Monopoly and raising 10 euros for winning a beauty contest while Russell goes straight to jail. But, above all, we shall defend our health and the health of our fellow citizens of the Earth, whatever the cost.”

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With millions of likes on the publication of Gorillaz, Murdoc Niccals, offered some words of encouragement to his fans before the pandemic.

“I, Murdoc Niccals, along with Noodle, Russel, and the other (2D), we have full confidence that together with you, my fans, we will come out of the storm”.