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Harry Styles made deep confessions in an interview on the radio station british Sirius XM.

The exintegrante One Direction confessed to what he thinks about Taylor Swift, Adele, Zayn Malik and your idea of marriage.

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In the case of Swifthe noted how his former spouse made up inspired by personal experiences. “I think it’s flattering, even if the song is not very flattering, even so invest time in that. She is a great songwriter. So at least they are good songs.”, said.

Taylor Swift & Harry Styles

When mentioned Adelereferred to the alleged collaboration, because that was seen with the singer on holiday. “That happens when two musicians are hanging out, or are coming out, or are recording together”, he emphasized.

Also asked him when he was in One Direction and the output of Zayn Malik. “I don’t know if I could say that it’s something that he ought not to do. It is difficult for me to condemn you, because I don’t know. Looking at it now, the last thing that I would have liked is that it would have stayed there if (he) would not have wanted to,” he said.

Adele & Harry Styles. Photo: spread

Going for the more personal side, the interpreter of Lights pointed out how it is when you have an appointment.

“It is always like something out of balance, because I want to go out normally but you also want to protect it so that it is normal. A large part of that is that you want to spend enough time together to be able to communicate with each other before you have to deal with things extra,” he added, also stated that marriage is an act that would be willing to do.

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Even the singer detailed the exact time of the robbery he suffered a few weeks ago.

Lazy loaded component

“It’s what you win for being single these days, I guess. I have other plans. I was five minutes from home. I am walking and I see this group of guys with hoods removed, and their faces covered. I turn off my music and the guys crossed the street. I hear footsteps trying to get closer to me, so I cross the street again and they crossed the street again,” he said. Then, Styles he said the group spoke briefly and surrounded him.