I Jailyne Ojeda has dared to put it on! And Alexa Dellanos lo and behold!


If in a cockfight are not made prisoners, still less in one of authentic phenomena of Instagram as Jailyne Ojeda and Alexa Dellanosthat , in spite of sharing a media friendship are thrown challenges (also his thousands of fans) via the highly popular platform that feeds them and in which, in addition to plant followers, they mark territory. And go if one has done the Arizona sending a leitmotiv incendiary in the one that appeals to true love, the real love, but with the provocation, more daring.

Why? Simply because Jailyne dares to confront in this publication the luxury of your life with your values, without hiding anything and giving a lesson to his followers, and who knows if throwing a message in covered to their other rivals in the Internet. Yes, he has done so, he put on the disguise of a super model but with content. And Alexa sees it and surrenders to her style. She speaks of valuing a partner for loyalty and for that attraction, which neither money nor manners can buyand, simply, in addition to its unusual anatomy, Ojeda confirms that have enough of three things: money, with fame, love and style (even if you say that it doesn’t need it)

To tell the truth, the american West has more reasons than weight to impress his friend; the first is that your number of followers on a path to reach 12 million, while that of the explosive, the daughter of the journalist and tv presenter Myrka Barbara Dellanos only amount to two. It is not the only one. Ojeda is five years younger than Dellanos and her career is going from strength to strength. All in all, this situation is clearly favorable to the small group does not become cloudy in a relationship that is maintained inside and outside of the universe Instagram. In fact, Alexa has been invited to the birthday of her boyfriend, Alec Monopolythe well known urban artist of the mask (very appropriate in these dates), which, among other things, it is the image of the watch brand TAG Heuer. The private party was held in a lujosísimo spa of Milan (yes in Lombardyhopefully you are not infected).

And Monopoly is quite happy with his girlfriend and her friend; both give a boost to his career which has taken on a new momentum since I discovered the social networks, where already accumulated a million and a peak of subscribers. Also do not forget that in this game to three bands all parts are interdependent, being what is good for one just as lucrative for the one next to it. Now, not good to tempt fate because in the world of the famous passes too quickly from the smiles to the tears and, for the moment, this comment of Ojeda, that we do not know to whom it was addressed, has not achieved the like of his friend. Will it be for envy Alexa, or will there be released a warning Jailyne Monopoly to take care of his friend?

Monopoly, Alexa and Jailyn

There may be too many roosters in the hen house