I leggings of madness! Alexa Dellanos melts the snow with them posts!


Imagination and want to give the note are some of the things that go cross country Alexa Dellanos. Nor is known the screen that makes to select their outfits nor know very well if it affects the cold or the heat because in all seasons triumphs with the same clothes. Even when in the snow refuses to separare your garment fetish and to stop hallucinating it all the looks!

Or with degrees below zero Alexa seems to need some more clothes, and if it does so it conceals very well!

Because even they have dared with the transparencies in a place where the sun shines by its absence and the snow reaches the height of the ankles do you seriously need all this, Alexa?

Because we already know as being spent… but we like to test it, and see it as well!

Do not shake because of the cold, or clench your teeth as if you would like to be heat and holds on to guard what if what is important is that the whole world see his greatness in any scenario?

And what better to do this than to lay hand on the bottom of the closet…

Effectively, the leggings Alexa are crazy and your way of drawing the figure is also!

Raise your hand, who believed that the american was smaller… or that your size was different or is it that these leggings make it even larger it is almost impossible to measure?

Many unknowns… and as big as the own Dellanos!

And following the line of madness in the choice of garments, although it seems a nonsense that only she understands, Alexa is plant a pair of sunglasses that have little of equipment for the snow and a lot of snap sui generis… do you realize that is exactly the same with the cap or are still intoxicated with their vision?

Says be considered to be a ‘playboy bunny of the snow’ a particular – our vision – for the diminutive is used.

Because Alexa doesn’t like anything smallneither the name nor even being in the snow.