I will rain down the proposals! Maluma will wear the clothes of Dior in her upcoming concerts, what Now is a model?

Maluma it is located on the crest of success, where you do not intend to lose in a very long time. And is that proposals of work is what you can spare.

In addition to music, the colombian singer you will know her passion for fashion, and that it has been left in evidence as always, with their extravagant outfits and colorful hair.

So is your interest in this world, who wasted no time to go to the Paris Fashion Week, where she enjoyed the fullness of the parade of Dior.

There, Kim Jones, the designer of the French firm, was not indifferent to the appearance of the artist of 26 years, who also took the occasion to show off one of their dodgy outfits. And the unexpected happened!

Jones made a proposal that was irresistible to the ex of Natalia Barulich: To provide exclusive and unique garments for your next European tour, which will take place after I complete the alert by the coronavirus.

From this it transpired that the well-known every fashion will suit a variety of different designs from his latest collection, for the the interpreter of “What a shame” the look in their shows.

A couple of weeks ago, Maluma he surprised everyone with his role model in a campaign for Calvin Klein, so that there is no doubt that if you do not give the things in the musical realm, you still have job options.

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