IN SPAIN – A man disguised dog to violate the quarantine and go out to the street (+PHOTO)


Without a doubt, be locked up in a house is not a way of life for all the world, and this has been very proven in the last few weeks because of the quarantine, preventive to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Though Spain is one of the countries most affected for this pandemic, it is also where most of the people have tried to violate the quarantine, some very original like the recent case of a man disguised as a dog.

In the social network Twitter went viral with the image of a subject using a disguise and dog walking as onewith the aim of breaking the social isolation.


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According to a user the photo was taken by a neighbor in the neighborhood of the Polygon, Toledo, Spain. In the comments the internet users recriminaron this dangerous joke.

It is worth mentioning that the Spanish authorities are fining those individuals who choose to leave their homes when there is an emergency, the amount depends on the severity of the violation and range from 600 to 30 thousand euros.

On the other hand, this is not the first time that a Spanish citizen becomes viral for its creative way of violating the quarantine, days ago a man disguised as a T-Rex and another walking a stuffed dog were fined.

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