Irene Rosales very worried. What Crisis? Kiko Rivera finished with everything


March 25, 2020
(16:08 CET)

Kiko Rivera and Irene Rosales was confined at home with their daughters. The collaborator of Viva la vida is very worried about the health of her father and now that you know that the coronavirus affects older people. The DJ is entertaining in your studio with your songs and your videos Youtube and Tik Tok. This time of isolation serves to think and the singer has taken a drastic decision that has left many open-mouthed, even to his own wife.

Kiko Rivera has taken the decision to delete all photos in your account Instagram. The son of Isabel Pantoja is very diligent in this social network where we share hundreds of moments with their followers. The young person shares in the application of their work and throws some messages to their family and friends.

How and why has it done this? Kiko Rivera explains. “Family don’t panic… We’ve done a detox digital. We have erased all the old photos and start again”have been the words with which the dj has been told the reason you have removed all the photos. Kiko Rivera would be willing to start from scratch, at least in regard to social networks.

In his profile of Instagram now only has five publiaciones, one of them where he explains this decision. In the first image they can’t see your family or your friends, but some of his friends and fellow GH DUO”, he writes. This is not the first time you take the decision to delete his photographs. It has already done in 2018, but on this occasion because I wanted to get away from the social networks.