It’s in danger! Mhoni Seer predicts the death of a puerto rican singer, would it Be Ricky Martin?


Mhoni Seer has become to scandalize to the public opinion with their eerie predictions, alerting fans of a couple of renowned singers, as according to their vision, they could be in danger.

According to the statements of the popular clairvoyant, during your participation in the program “Today”, a regrettable fact would happen, involving the two personalities of the showbiz.

“I have just seen a tragedy of very important gentlemen. I just see again the angel of death descended on the Island of Puerto Rico,” said the astrologer.

The comment ignited immediately alarms considering that already on previous occasions the famous fortune teller I would have guessed the announcement of the death of Jenny Rivera, Camilo Sesto y José José.

The expert predictions stating that he had had a revelation in which he saw how the death was about two puerto rican artists, who according to his own words should be handled with the utmost care.

“I saw how the angel of death fell in that country, in the Island of Puerto Rico and that was surrounding some of the singers that were there. So you need to watch much, pray more”, ” he said Mhoni giving indications that it could be a Bad Bunny and Ricky Martin.

The seer he said the fact it could occur through a car accident or air, which ensured that they should avoid situations that pose a great risk to both artists.