J Balvin revealed details about the depression and anxiety he suffered during years


Then a few months ago the singer confessed that he had gone through periods of depression and anxiety, now for the first time shared some details about this difficult stage and how it is today.

In an interview with the program ‘Window’, J Balvin I talk about her struggle with depression and anxiety, which have been three episodes throughout his life, being the first at 20, another at 28, and the third was last year at 33 years of age.

“At first it was very difficult to understand what was going on. Did not even know what this was. Of all the times, I ended up going to the psychiatrist and I was healing, and I understood that we need chemicals to balance your chemicals”, he said.


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The colombian assured that this situation did not originate with the fameit recalls a feeling like during his childhood, although not understood at that time. However you now know that it is a condition that comes on suddenly.

In addition she discovered that she could help others, “I realized that I can be a voice of hope for the youth or many people that are not crazy and have the taboo of the drug. Let’s say that the drugs allow you to go through the swamp”.

And he added, “But I have that social responsibility to remove that myth, of which I was one of those. ‘I can’t talk about anxiety, I can’t talk about depression. They may think that I’m crazy’”.

Source: People en Español