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“Eduardo Rovira: Inedito” – Season Tango Lunfardo

Sonico (Belgium) – released Album

Sunday, August 23. Main Hall Teatro Solis
Their second album, recorded at the Academiezaal (Sint-Truiden, Belgium), is the fruit of an important task of research, transcription and interpretation that retrieves 13 unpublished works of the composer Eduardo Rovira, taking as a source manuscriptos and non-commercial recordings. The production of this album pays homage to the 40th anniversary of the death of Eduardo Rovira. “In November of 1975, Eduardo Rovira and his group of Tango Morderno they recorded their last LP “Stopped” leaving behind a revolutionary work as unknown as unfinished that deserves to be discovered” Between 20 August and 22 September 2020, SONICO will present its second album, “Eduardo Rovira: Inedito” during his tour of Latin america. This tour will start in Teatro Solis (Montevideo, Uruguay), you will pass by the Centro Cultural Kirchner (Buenos Aires, Argentina), among others, and will conclude at the International Festival of Contemporary Dance PUCP (Lima, Peru).Theatre
SONIC, created in Brussels (Belgium) in 2015, rescues the repertoire of Eduardo Rovira, often mistakenly considered ‘the other Astor Piazzolla’. However, Rovira, was a composer instrumental in the creation of the “nuevo tango” that stroke their own imprint for the avant-garde buenos aires of the 60s. In August 2018, SONIC presented his first album “Eduardo Rovira: The Other avant-Garde” (CD/Vinyl) in the Festival of Tango BA. In march of 2019, was the european launch of their first album in BOZAR, Palace of Fine Arts in Brussels. “The quintet SONIC has not only recovered scores lost, but has managed to interpret Rovira with a perfection instrumental and stylistic amazing.” Omar Garcia Brunelli “The SONIC is a wonderful surprise, a mime that Eduardo Rovira deserved and that this set performs with quality, knowledge, emotion and much love. To me, it makes me very happy, if Eduardo is likely to be very happy.”Oscar del Priore

The candidate perfect

Original title:
The Perfect Candidate
Country: Saudi Arabia,
Maryam is a young and ambitious medical works in the Health Center of a small city in Saudi Arabia. Despite his high qualification, you should earn on a daily basis the respect of his fellow men and acceptance of the patients.
Outraged by the negligence of the City, which takes time and time again to asphalt the access road to the hospital, he decides to present his candidacy for the municipal elections. His father is a musician and is on tour, playing at the first public concerts allowed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in decades. Maryam recruit then to his two sisters for raising funds and planning the campaign. His unexpected candidacy to the mayor’s surprise to the family and shakes to a community, anything accustomed to the idea of a woman to head the Consistory.
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Women in uruguay

Eleven women writers, journalists and researchers, write about eleven women who made history in Uruguay.
These texts are converted into profiles, moving, that invite you to discover little-known aspects of these women, to distrust of the official versions, to disagree with the social norms of other times, and to marvel at the talent and creativity that is
This book, originally published in 1997, remains in full force and effect today, and even more: it is projected as a text indispensable for reflection in the context of contemporary debates.
Ana Inés Larre Borges
Graciela Sapriza
Blanca Luz Brum
Heaven Pereira
Cándida Díaz de Saravia
Laura Gandolfo
Carlota Ferreira
María del Carmen Ortiz de Terra

Bernardina Fragoso de Rivera

Sofi Richero

Juana de Ibarbourou

Adela Dubra

Pink Moon

Rosario Quijano

Ana Monterroso de Lavalleja

Rosario Peyrou

María Eugenia Vaz Ferreira

Monica Bottero

Petrona Viera

Fernanda Arcardini

Margarita Xirgu
Technical data sheet

Title: Women in uruguay
Author (s): Blanca Rodriguez
Language: Spanish
Format, pages: paperback, 320
Collection: Biography-memor
Recommended age: Adults

Life, that parenthesis

AutorMario Benedetti
This book of Mario Benedetti opens as a bright parenthesis within his work: small prose and poems in which the author appears closer than ever, pronouncing aloud the questions for which perhaps there is no answer. The texts speak of memory and oblivion, of crimes, visible and invisible, of masks and goodbyes, life and death, of men and women who dream of immortal.
Life, this parenthesis is, perhaps, an “art poetical” in the production of Benedetti: a book that reaffirms the value of poetry, that talisman to overcome the skepticism and believe in freedom.