Kelly Clarkson does not allow you to apply digital touch-ups


Kelly Clarkson released a hint Twitter the responsible of the promotional posters for The Voice after realizing that they had ‘enhanced’ her bust digitally.

There goes a warning for all those who are to work with Kelly Clarkson: they had better not alter any photograph of you, no matter how well they do or what favored them to leave, because she will be the first to denounce them.

That is just what you have just done with one of the promotional posters for the contest The Voiceinvolved in it , as coach for the eighteenth season.

When the singer bumped into his Twitter with that image, did not take long to realize that I had a look a little strange and seemed to have been modified thanks to the ‘magic’ of the Photoshop.

“I have the impression that this would be the aspect that would have if I operate the breastshe replied.

“I have No idea why my chest looks so big, but thanks to the universe for giving me this time finally! Also it seems to me that the only thing I’m missing is a cape and I’ll be ready to start saving civilians.”

Added with a lot of irony and incorporating lots of smiles to your tweetin order to make clear that he took what happened with a sense of humor and not as a criticism of their physical appearance.

Despite the fact that this time is not angry, Kelly does not tolerate’t speculate with your weight. A clear example of what hard they struggle to do not let themselves be influenced by the dictatorship of the aesthetic to the living subject of other pop stars the reaction was that he exhibited last year when stories began circulating about the methods that are supposedly used to lose weight.

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“Some of the false news about me that you see out there make reference to the pills rare that I would be taking to lose weight, or to the latest trends in diets and I would have signed up. None of that is true. I don’t have time for things like that. I’m still eating the same as always. Only that now I use flours, sugars and different ingredients”.

By: Bang Showbiz / Photo: Getty Images