Kelly Clarkson has the council perfect for Taylor Swift on Scooter Braun


Kelly Clarkson showed that he had a great sense of humor and intelligence. Why? The winner of American Idol decided to talk about the scandal of Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun. But what no one expected is that we will send advice direct to Tay for Twitter. Look at the message here:

In the message, Kelly Clarkson he wrote to Taylor Swift maybe the best idea would be to re-record all of your songs and sell them again; because that would be showing that Scooter Braun I would not buy this new content, nor its talent. He also said that this action would that their fans to have the opportunity to help you and buy again your music.

The fight between Taylor Switcht and Scooter Braun it has become one of the more controversial in the music industry. It all happened a few weekswhen Tay alleged that without his consent, Scooter I had purchased all the music of their first albums.