Kelly Clarkson slimmed down almost 20 pounds with the diet dangerous lectins


There are many celebrities who experiment with diets to lose some extra pounds of more, as for example eating an apple a day, to cook raw food such as Gwyneth Paltrowfeed juices as Beyoncé or eat a shot glass of apple cider vinegar before each meal as Megan Fox. This time it is Kelly Clarkson who surprises us with the diet the lectins.

The singer has announced that this year he has lost 20 pounds thanks to a diet based on the book ‘The paradox vegetable’the cardiologist american Steven Gundry. This is a somewhat controversial because it supports the do not eat plant products. According to the author, the foods that we consider healthy, as are tomatoes, vegetables or fruits, are actually the cause of many diseases. This is because they have lectins, the proteins that bind to sugars.

In the case of Kelly, started this diet to treat a problem thyroid and by the way has lost those extra kilos. Lectins are everywhere, gluten for example is a lectin. The change of the weight of the Kelly is not surprising considering that the american diet is known for being high in saturated fats, so that without eating processed foods Kelly has lost weight. So looks today the singer:

Even though it is strictly forbidden to eat beans, quinoa, milk, eggs, tomatoes, peppers or potatoes, if there is something real that you can eat. The meatthe pescad
orthe toceite of coconut and certain vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts are allowed.

Some advocate the farce of this diet because lectins have biological functions in our body, for example, regulate the levels of proteins in our blood or controlling the adhesion of glycoproteins to cells. So really it has not been proven to be as negative as the book aims to make us believe.