Kerly Ruiz says to have “peace” after feeling paranormal phenomena in your home (+PHOTO)


Kerly Ruiz said that he feels in full and absolute peace of mind then to live paranormal experiences in your home.

The recognized leader of venezuelan origin, Kerly Ruiz days ago ignited the controversy on social networks after confessing that I felt the presence of beings from the beyond at his residence, located in Miami. However, the driver now says that she feels a deep peace and tranquility in your home despite the absence of their daughter Gail, who was on vacation in Venezuela with his father, Irrael Goméz.

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Recall that recently, Kerly posted a video on his Youtube account that showed that contract the services of an expert in situations paranormal to capture the presences strange that I felt in your home. In this sense, the presenter used his account to IG to confess that you are already enjoying full peace and harmony at your residence.

Through their stories of IG, the venezuelan showed a collection of questions and answers with fans, one of the cuestionamietos received by a user was about the situation paranormal happening in your home. What, Kerly said: “Whether in peace” in another of the pictures you can read that another user asks if it is left alone in her house, and she mentioned: “With God and with san Miguel de Arcangel.

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