Key diet sirtfood, followed by Adele


The singer Adele has changed a lot physically in the last year, and are already 70 pounds you’ve lost since you began a diet that of course is proving to be very effective. Today we talk about the diet sirtfoodthat is the one that is following Adele to achieve a remarkable transformation in a relatively short time.

What is the diet sirtfood?

This diet is what is considered the “miracle diets”, since it promises that you can lose up to 3 kilos per week if you follow to the letter, which you can do well without giving up delicacies, such as wine or chocolate. As he confesses the trainer of the singer, his weight loss has more to do with this diet with the gym, because you don’t like a lot of exercise.

The key is to eat foods that may enhance the action of sirtuinssome proteins that are associated with aging and may delay the onset of various age-associated diseases. These proteins also serve to speed up the metabolism and burn fat.

Allows for a wide variety of foods, such as green tea, citrus fruits, apples, kale, red wine, dark chocolate, chicken, turkey, shrimp or blueberries, among others. Yes, in the first few weeks the constraint is very severe and is allowed to consuming only 1,000 calories a dayhalf of what is recommended in an adult. In the second phase, two weeks after you started, you can increase the number of calories, but only in the foods allowed.

The diet is very effective, yes, and as we have seen in cases such as Adele, but you also have to make it clear that, if you eat wrong in some point, will the dreaded rebound effect. As with any other diet, the healthy habits are essential to be able to retain the good results achieved.