Kiko Hernández was left without words. “I didn’t know that was there”. She has


March 25, 2020
(16:21 CET)

Kiko Hernández is confined at home with their two twin daughters of 3 years. When these sleep partner is enjoying watching Save me at nap time or at night enjoying the content of Mtmad. The platform of Mediaset already has two big stars. The channel Steisy and Paul, a real revolution, becoming one of the most famous and fun.

The couple recounts their day-to-day, their adventures and their misadventures, as well as things more curious. They even give away some confession of what is more surreal. Kiko Hernandez has been stone. In one of his last videos have been reviewed the rarest things that I have asked in the bed.

Steisy and Paul

Paul loves to do crazy things, however, never carried out by shame. Anyway acknowledges that he has never experienced something as heavy as your partner. Steisy on your part if you have lived awkward situations and might make a series of videos with them.

As has been revealed in the past was with a boy, who, a few days of getting to know, told him that his father had passed away a year ago. She expressed her condolences and the thing continued as if nothing, until one day, in bed, he asked: “What you’d have sex with my father?”

“The father was dead!”remembers the young woman with the face of a circumstance: “I didn’t know what to say, I was petrified and couldn’t think of anything else to say to him: ‘yes, you and your mother!’“explains Steisy, which still hallucinates with the time.

This person has a couple of anecdotes that he has not hesitated to explain without revealing the name. “That is the one that I bought three panties and, while we were doing it, I said: ‘now these, now these’,” I kept recalling Steisy, which ended with the culmination of it all: “That was the one that made me mearle”.

“And to me with what it would cost me to piss… I Was espatarrada until I got it. Then meé the greatest thing”finished narrating.